Spring 2017: Kid's School Pants
Design: January 13-16, 2017 7:30 AM -5:00 PM
Production: March 10-13, 2017 7:30 AM -5:00 PM

Event Address: 410 Old Coors Dr SW, Albuquerque NM 87121
Contact us at (505) 877-1713 or factory@abqfi.com

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Street address
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Which session? If you register for Design you are automatically enrolled in production too.
Please rate your industrial sewing skills. If you've only sewn at home, select 1. You'll get a chance to explain your experience later on.
No production experience
10+ years of production pattern making experience
If you've used an industrial machine, which kinds?
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What are the most common seam allowances used in industrial sewing?
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Have you tried any of these industrial sewing tutorials (http://fashion-incubator.com/tutorials/)? If so, which ones? How did these work out for you?
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How quickly do you sew? If you're not sure, a "4" can sew 90 welt pockets in 2.5 hours. If you use pins or home machines, your highest score should be 3. Most applicants score 1-3 and we've successfully trained them so this is not a problem.
Not very
10+ years factory exp.
Rate your industrial cutting skills and experience. If you have never or seldom used a knife, your score should be 1.
Little to no experience with a knife or
Many years experience
Do you know how to change a needle and bobbin?
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Have you read a book called The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing? This (along with other material) is required reading.
Are you teachable? Willing to follow instructions that may contradict what you've been taught?
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Do you promise to complete the assigned reading (before departure) and sewing tutorials?
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Speaking of, tell us a bit about your education, experience and interests.
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Lunches are catered. We can't guarantee your dietary needs will be met but we will try.
You understand that this is not (technically) a training event but a production event that benefits charity, and we do not guarantee you will be trained on tasks of your interest (although we will certainly try).
You understand that if you want to learn things like pattern grading, you must register for the design phase.
You understand that if you want to learn things like spreading and marker making, you must plan to arrive one day before manufacturing boot camp officially begins.
You understand that you are required to bring tools, and may need to ship them ahead of time if you do not want to check a bag.
Once your registration has been accepted, you'll be sent an invoice. Your slot is not guaranteed until it is paid. Please read the caveats (http://bit.ly/2cLFkqR), dress code and supply list (http://bit.ly/2cZNuNp) and required reading (http://bit.ly/2dsfegj).
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