Mrs. Harkey's Survey
I want to create the best possible learning experience for you. The anonymous information you provide here will help me to do that.
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I enjoy coming to school. *
I take pride in my school work. *
I look forward to coming into Mrs. Harkey's class. *
I feel like Mrs. Harkey values me as a person. *
I know what Mrs. Harkey expects of me. *
I know what I need to do to succeed in Mrs. Harkey's class. *
Mrs. Harkey is good at handling discipline problems. *
Mrs. Harkey is consistent with her behavior expectations. *
The work in this class challenges me to grow. *
The work in this class is boring. *
The grades I receive in this class are fair. *
I feel safe in this class. *
The assignments Mrs. Harkey gives are too challenging. *
I learn something every day in Mrs. Harkey's class. *
I can tell Mrs. Harkey knows what she is talking about. *
My classmates act like they value this class. *
I act like I value this class. *
I think this class is an important part of my education. *
Mrs. Harkey cares if I am really learning. *
I am comfortable asking Mrs. Harkey for help or clarification if I don't understand. *
What I learn in Mrs. Harkey's class helps me outside of school. *
This class is too easy. *
This class is too hard. *
I am always doing my personal best in this class. *
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