Does your open data project match community needs?
Developed by the Sunlight Foundation's Open Cities team
A quiz for finding a community-driven focus
Open data can be a bridge between local governments and the communities they represent. More than just releasing public information and open data, local governments are responsible for helping residents access and use what they offer.

*If you work at a local government or if you are a data provider interested in empowering your community to act with open data, you can take this quiz to kick you off in the right direction.*

Before you take this quiz, we recommend checking out the research methods listed here:

This form will help you think through a few important questions, for example:
• Do you know what data is popular among residents?
• Do you know what open data you should be sharing?
• Do you know who is your biggest data requester?
• Do you know what they need your open data to help do?

After filling out the form, you’ll receive a report letting you know how in-touch you are with your community’s needs.
In some cases, you’ll need to do a little more digging in order to kick off an open data project with a specific focus area that’s grounded in community needs.

Note: This form can be used as part of the first Find step of the Tactical Data Engagement process to help cities take a user-informed, tactical approach to empowering residents with better open data and information. The first step of Tactical Data Engagement requires finding a community-relevant focus area where cities can start supporting local collaborative problem-solving.
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