SLC Temporary Student Housing - Host Form

UPDATE: 4:30 PM 3/24/2020

We've been moving quickly to get willing people connected to needs, and things are shifting as we gather information.

We're finding out the best way to make this happen is to use avenues through local churches.

Some of our partner churches have care networks being assembled, one being Missio Dei Community.

Please follow the link below to fill our their volunteer form. We're in touch with leaders at this church, and students who have housing needs will be connected to you through the network you sign up for.


On March 23, the University of Utah announced narrow restrictions on who will be allowed to stay in the residence halls for the semester.

We know that although many students won't make the cut because they technically "have somewhere to go", that emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically going home is not ideal.

We want to connect those students to local housing options that may be available to finish out the semester.

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