East Coast Content Creators
This was created because of the recent NYC Meetup. A better way for us to communicate (besides Twitter)
Also to verify who you are and why you should be added to the East Coast Content Creators Discord.

If there are any other question please hit me up on Twitter - Twitter.com/21wolv or a DM on Twitch - Twitch.tv/Wolv21


Who are you? *
Wolv21 - Don't you know who I am?!? But really, the name you go by on the interwebs
Your answer
Your Email Address *
So I can send you the Discord link when all looks good! (and no, your email will NOT be given out)
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Where are you from? *
I'm from NJ :)
Twitch ID
Wolv21 but really your twitch name
Your answer
YouTube Name
Wolv21 but really your youtube name
Your answer
Twitter handle
@21wolv ... you got it by now ;) (and yes with the @ symbol)
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Something else?
Are you on another site that isn't listed? A Music site or artwork? Full link please, no short ones.
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Tell me about yourself
I like long walks on the beach, photography and gaming :)
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Why are you interested in joining the ECCC Discord *
New friends? Know when meetups happen? Talk about content / stream troubles?
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I verify my information is correct before I submit *
Because there is always someone ;)
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