Do you want library services for Centretown?
Last February Ottawa City Council decided that the new library would be built at 557 Wellington Ave. just west of Bronson Ave. This survey follows up on suggestions made by Mayor Watson and Councillor McKenney regarding the possibility of a mini or branch library for Centretown once the Main Library on Metcalfe St. is closed.
1. Please provide your postal code.
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2. Do you support having library services available in Centretown?
3. If you answered "Do not support" or "No opinion" in #2, select the statement(s) below which best describe(s) your situation.
4. If you answered "support" in #2, why do you think it is important to have some library services remain in Centretown? Select the reason(s) that reflect(s) your situation.
5. In your opinion, what library services should be made available in Centretown after the Main Library closes and the new one opens? Select the service(s) which reflect(s) your needs.
6. If some library services remain in Centretown after the new library is built, where should they be located?
7. a) Do you plan to use the new library at 557 Wellington St. if library facilities remain available in Centretown?
Why? / Why not? Please explain.
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7. b) Which facility do you think you would use more often?
Why? Please explain.
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8. Would you like to get involved in convincing the City to retain essential library services in Centretown?
If you answered "Yes", please provide your name, email address and /or telephone number below so we can keep you informed.
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If you have any general comments / suggestions / questions about this survey or the issue itself, please comment below.
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