Information Honor Code Post-Feedback Survey  
This short, 4 minute survey will ask you about your experience in GCC Library's Information Honor Code Workshop. This survey will help us make the workshop more relevant and helpful to you as you learn here at GCC. Workshop results will only be viewed by the Distance Education Librarian and workshop instructors. All other reporting of workshop data will be anonymous and in aggregate.

We appreciate your help! If you have any questions, please contact the library:
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Which of the following sources DOES NOT NEED to be cited in your paper?
After completing this workshop, define "academic honesty" in your own words. Focus on what you have learned in the workshop.
Personal Reflection: Think about your ability to follow the information honor code after completing the workshop. Rate your confidence level using the scale below.
Very poor
Does not apply
My ability to identify intellectual property
My ability to follow GCC's Academic Honesty Policy
My ability to identify what needs to be cited in academic assignments
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