Welcome to Radioskills where you will learn the art of voice. We are the professional voice training institute having more then 4 years of teaching experience of different verticals of voicing. We have transformed many people's life by optimizing their voice through our modern teaching techniques and by knowing our students requirement. Our each course include basics to the expert level content which help our students to understand core concepts of the respective course and help them to deliver best out of them.

Who can do this course:

These course can be done by any student, working professional, public speaker, teachers or professors and by any person who want to make their career into Radio jockey, Public Speaking & Voicing.

Why we have to do this course:

Communication is really important in this competitive world. Your growth is totally depend on your communication styles and how well you speaking front of your client, customer & audience or listeners.

If you are sounding low or less confident, If you are not sounding loud and clear, you may lose many opportunities in your organization OR you can lose many business deals.You may create wrong impression front of your audience or listeners. Even job interviews are totally based on your communication skills.

If you sound confidant, you gain confidence in the mind of your clients, customer and audience as a result, they will be more relying on you and your information. You can get many opportunities in your organization by participating in meeting & by adding valuable points by your strong voice which help you to make your identity among your peers. Your Confident presentation can bring more clients and business for you and for your company.

Types of Courses:

We offer following courses in our training institute.

1) Radio Jockey Certification Course - This course will help students to learn the professional skills to become Radio Jockey

2) Voice Modulation - Voice Modulation is the important course and can be done by anyone. This course will help student to speak confidently, loudly, clearly with proper use of different voicing and breathing tools. It also help students to decorate the voice with the proper use of expressions through their voice which can be useful for voice over, story telling or for Radio Jockey

3) Public Speaking - This is course is specially designed for the professionals like teachers, professors, lecturer, trainers, working professional, coaches etc who interacting with the group of people. It helps the student to understand the overall concept of public speaking, important of voice, how to engage with your audience, importance of your body language and how to overcome your stage fear.

Teaching Method:

We have both Class Room Training and Online Training sessions for our students. They can choose any method of learning i.e. class room training or online sessions as per their convenient and start their training sessions. Both the sessions will be benefited to the students.

If you stay in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Thane you can easily walk-in to our classes to attain the class room training. Our classes is located in New Mumbai (Kamothe - Khandeshwar)

If you are from different part of India OR If you are from Mumbai but want to save your traveling time and money, so you can go for online training sessions which will be video calling sessions with RJ Jitesh who is the founder of this institute. It will be one on one session with him which will help you to understand the subject in more details.

you can choose any types of learning method i.e. Class Room Training OR Online Training (Video Calling Training) as per your convenient and start this course.

Free Demo Session:

You can register your self for free demo sessions just to check the trainer and teaching styles. If you are comfortable and enjoying the teaching techniques you can enroll for the full course.

Duration: Demo Sessions duration will be for 30min.

How To Enroll:

Students have to fill this KYC form to enroll with us. We will get in touch with them once we get their KYC details and accordingly we will discuss about training method and timing.

So don't miss this opportunity, enroll your self and take the first step toward the voice of success.

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