2020 St. Mary's Virtual Holiday Shopping Expo Vendor Interest Survey
Due to several requests from both vendors and shoppers alike, we are going to attempt to bring you at least a piece of our annual Holiday Shopping Expo virtually!

--The plan is to have a website where people can shop for an entire week.

--Vendors can provide photos/dimensions/and prices, and the St. Mary's Student Council will host the site and advertise.

--Buyers can sign up to purchase items as they are available, and vendors may or may not require pre-payment (through something like Venmo or Paypal--if a vendor is concerned about a buyer not showing up for pick-up. We can work something out to remove commitments on the sign-up prior to the event if payment is not made by a certain time and make the item available to purchasers again. More details to come.)

--On Saturday, November 21st from 8 am- 12 pm, vendors will be given a parking lot area (approximately 3 spaces per vendor) to allow for buyers to come and pick up purchased items, or vendors can make other arrangements for pick-up with their customers.

--Charge to vendors: $20 for 20 photos on the site; additional $5 charge for each 10 photos beyond 20.

Interested in being a vendor for this event?? Fill out the form below. We may have to limit the number of vendors based on parking lot space available.

Questions? Fill out the form below.

Thoughts or Ideas; things we may not have considered? Fill out the form below.

This is all new and is (clearly) a bit last minute. We just want to help our vendors if we can as well as make a little cash for our Council. We welcome your ideas.

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Are you interested in being a vendor? (You would need to be available the morning of November 21st or be willing to make your own arrangements for your buyers to pick up your merchandise.) *
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