An Open Letter to David Young, Rod Blum, and Steve King
As a Veteran, you took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States -- so did Members of Congress David Young, Rod Blum, and Steve King when they took office. We believe they are failing in their duty by voting for tax giveaways to the extremely wealthy and corporations, undermining our ability to pay for critical services. Please review the letter below, and add your name by completing the form underneath. All the information you provide will be made public, except for your email address and phone number (we only need that to follow up with you). We will submit this letter for publication to local media, and share with you any coverage that results. Thank you!!

An open letter to Members of Congress David Young, Rod Blum, and Steve King:

As veterans we took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, just as you did when you became Members of Congress. Our efforts to safeguard this country and provide support for our military demands that the wealthiest in our country pay their fair share in taxes. Your votes for tax giveaways to the wealthy and corporations undermines not only our long term ability to protect our country, it degrades the quality of life for every citizen by undercutting public schools and programs.

"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society," wrote Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. And your actions have contradicted your responsibility to provide resources so that we can defend the Constitution, and so that every one of your constituents can enjoy the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness in our civilized society.

Iowans deserve far better. It is time for you to do your duty and ensure that the wealthiest among us pay their fair share in taxes.


The undersigned

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