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Med Money Journals will offer MedPage Today readers a look into the finances of doctors, nurses, medical students, PAs, NPs, and others practicing medicine. Each post will offer information on one person's financial background, wages, and spending over a 7-day period. By submitting information in response to this questionnaire, you agree to MedPage Today publishing that information on its website, on social media, and on partner platforms. Every post will be shared anonymously.
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Please email us a 7-day journal entry (this is required for us to use your submission), chronicling your outings and spending over the course of a week. It should be written in complete sentences (not just a list) with time markers throughout each day, and should include color and commentary. E.g. Day Four (Thursday): 9am -- I wake up late since I don't need to be at the hospital until 12pm and get my dog, Lady, ready for a walk. I usually make coffee at home to save money, but it's been a long week and I feel like treating myself, so Lady and I decide to take a long outing to our favorite coffee shop for a cold brew and a blueberry muffin. After getting coffee and taking a few laps around the park, I spend the rest of my quiet morning at home, catching up on emails and reviewing my patient charts for the day. $7.50.                           Send it as a Word document to with the subject line "Med Money Journal."
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