TFCE Foyer Groups Registration (2020-21)
This year adult formation opportunities will be organized according to Foyer Groups. Through these groups you will be able to connect with a small group of friends at The Falls Church Episcopal for fellowship, Bible study, book study, or all of the above!

The goal is to provide a connection point to TFCE for everyone during these extremely isolating and taxing times, looking forward to the day when we can all be together again, meeting in each other's foyers.

Thank you for filling out the below survey so we can best group you according to interests and schedule. Any questions? Email Casie at
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Do you prefer to be in a virtual foyer group with those of your same age group or varied age groups? *
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What days/times are best for you to meet with your virtual foyer group? *
Are you willing to be a virtual foyer group leader (meaning you organize the meeting days and times for your group)? *
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