Slow Swing Saturday - 7 December 2019
Yes! There will be another Slow Swing Saturday! During this day Deirdre and Luciën from Slowfeet Studio will teach a workshop for absolute beginners and beginner-intermediate dancers.

15.30 – 17.30 hr Intermediate Slow Bal
19.00 – 20.30 hr Absolute beginner Slow Bal.
20.30 – 24.00 hr Party!

The party will feature a wealth of lovely, slow jazz songs to dance Slow Bal or slow Lindy Hop to. It’s a great way to immediately practice what you’ve learned and meet new dancers. Also, you might find it a welcome experience to dance to swing music for an entire night without breaking a sweat.

€14,50 – Absolute beginners 1,5 hour workshop including party
€19,50 – Intermediate 2 hour workshop including party
€3,00 – Slow Bal party

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