Potential Microfarm Owner Survey
Thank you for your interest in creating a Crop Swap LA™ Microfarm on your property!

We believe that nutrient rich food is a right, not a luxury. We are thrilled you would like to join us on our mission to bring high quality produce straight to the communities where it is grown!

Please complete this survey in order to verify your space is logistically viable for a microfarm.
We will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the property and process if your property is viable!

Crop Swap LA™
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Are you the owner of the property? *
Are you prepared to make the financial investment to create a microfarm? This project is comparable to a traditional landscaping job financially, and will serve to enrich both the community and environment of your neighborhood! *
Would you be willing to put a 50% deposit down in order to receive preferential placement on our growing waitlist for microfarm locations? *
Do you think you would be willing to sign a land use agreement & an NDA with Crop Swap LA™? *
What type of property is it? *
How would you describe your neighborhood? *
If residential, how many people live on the property? *
Would anyone living on the premises want to work with us on the project? *
Do you have any plans to sell the property in the next 5 years? *
Is your space at least 1,000 square feet? *
Are there any pets on the property? *
If you responded "yes" to the question above, could we restrict their access to the Microfarm location?
Are there many trees on the property? *
Is the property flat? *
Sometimes we share a percentage of our profits with the landowner, and sometimes we just exchange space for food/kindness. Would you like to be compensated for sold produce, or no need? *
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