Discover the 'Scale & Slay Method' Inside the Mastermind!
You’re ready to achieve brag-worthy transformations and results inside the ‘Scale & Slay Mastermind’ if…

→ You’ve been trying to build your service-based business for a year (or even more), and you’re still struggling to secure 4-5 figure investments with clients you actually love working with, and when you do sign on new clients, it’s sporadic and unpredictable at best.

→ You’ve been working overtime to scale your income and finally break through that glass ceiling, and you’re still scraping by month to month despite all your efforts, eyeing corporate job postings whenever you hit a breaking point, which seems to be happening more frequently these days.

→ You’re aware of all the profitable doors that will open up for you once you reprogram your mind for success, eliminate the busy work that distracts you from what creates rapid results in your business, and create an easy-to-follow plan that makes achieving goals like 2-10x-ing your income feel fun, exciting, and easier than ever.

→ You’re excited to try the 4-Phases of the ‘Scale & Slay Method’. Even if you’ve been side-tracked or let down before, you’re now feeling a wave of renewed optimism, knowing that in only 4-months, you’ll have an effective system for accelerating your personal and business growth, while you’re compounding wins every single day.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head there?

So did my other clients...

→ "Investing with Ashley broke me free of the limiting beliefs and decisions that created my reality. This allowed me to fully take back control of my life and business!

If you're feeling stuck or just need support to ditch what holds you back from everything you want and deserve in your business and life, you need to experience the 'Scale & Slay Method' for yourself." - Stephanie

→ "I have seen incredible results driven from working with you.

I came to you with a goal of launching my personal mental health initiative (Light Up The Dark) and a target of raising $10,000. I believe because of 'The Scale & Slay Method', I hit my personal fundraising goal in 7 FREAKING DAYS of launching my initiative. I am moving full speed ahead at $12,000!" - Stef

→ “I signed up with Ashley because I was looking for motivation, guidance and accountability with my business goals but what I didn't expect was the huge transformation with my confidence.

I have a completely new mindset when it comes to creating my dream business and life, and I have a business model on autopilot that supports it!

During our time together, I launched a course, have booked several clients, have been travelling a ton and found an amazing business partner." - Jessica


The Scale & Slay Mastermind is a HIGH-TOUCH-POINT coaching experience, featuring a high level of accountability.

Ashley ONLY wants to speak with, and work with, folks who are ready to make a SERIOUS COMMITMENT to up-levelling their skills, mindset, and business for the next 4-months.

Once you hit "submit", you will be given a link schedule your 30-minute enrolment call with Ashley!

Finally, once you've scheduled your 30-minute enrolment call with Ashley, you will receive an email confirmation containing a calendar invite reminder for your specific date and time, as well as a meeting link to click to join your enrolment call.
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