Bullying Reporting Form
Is it Bullying?

When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful...they hurt you accidentally, that's RUDE.

When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful...they hurt you on purpose...but only once, that's MEAN.

When 2 people say or do hurtful things back and forth to each other, that's a CONFLICT.

When someone say or does something hurtful on purpose, over and over again, and in a one-sided way, that's BULLYING.

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Bullying or Peer Conflict

Two of the biggest issues with bullying are:
1. Students and/or parents do not make staff aware that the bullying is happening until it has been going on for a while. If we don't know about it, we can't do anything about it. Please let us know if you think that there is bullying going on so we can put a stop to it. Kids don't usually bully others around adults. They are sneaky about it because even they know that it is wrong in most cases.

2. As stated above, peer conflict is often misinterpreted as bullying because bullying has become a buzz word for any time a student is having a conflict in many cases. Our goal is to separate the two and work with students to learn how to handle conflict and how to differentiate between the two. 
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