Champion TCG - Spring Survey!
Hey guys! This is a survey to help me get some feedback regarding the TCG. :D None of them are required, in the event you only feel really strongly about one or two things. While answering all of them would be more helpful to me, please answer them as you like according to what is important to you!

I also ask that you please not use the topics to deviate and steer them towards your own wishes--if you have any additional thoughts, please include it in the last section at the end! It will just help me keep things organized. :)

Anyone who submits answers to this survey may go ahead and take prizes from the updates page! I don't mean to bribe, I just want to thank those of you who actually take time out of your day to help improve the TCG. Thanks everyone! <3 ^u^

DECK EXPANSION: Thoughts on expanding the TCG's genre?
DECKS: In the event we don't expand the TCG in a large way (see above question) while new decks & characters will always be prioritized, let me know which series you'd love to see secondary decks for!
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CURRENCY: With the possibility of the TCG simplifying itself a bit/expanding outside the SJ universe, should our currency system change to a single point system, rather than our current trait based?
HERO KOMA: For awhile, I have been considering making hero koma non-exclusive (meaning more than one person could pick the same character for their koma). When the TCG was new/more active, it was kind of a neat feature, but nowadays so many inactive members are now sitting on heroes and I think for a long time the exclusivity of it all has been driving away traders. Would you be with this idea?
TRADE EXCHANGE SYSTEM: What's your opinion on the current Trade Exchange system?
PIRATES CLUB: The forum is a place that definitely needs sprucing up—while the GMs and I are working to make sure all games remain active, is there anything else you'd like to see at the forum to make it worth your visit?
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RANT AND RAVE HERE: Got anything else you'd like to add about the above topics, or even something else you might have in mind? Let me know here! <3
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