SFUSD MS SCIENCE Unit 7.3: Ecosystems Living Organisms Order Form
1. Review the dates below to determine when you should order living materials for your classroom
Order Deadline ..... Delivery Date
Monday, 3/12 ..... Wednesday, 3/22
Monday, 3/19 ..... Wednesday, 2/29
Monday, 3/25 ..... Wednesday, 4/06

2. Read the Living Organisms Care Guide and have the habitat ready before ordering: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IwiNlD8AJ8JyC1yUO4UOy5CbIe4izkYy1WSLYe2GWTI/edit?usp=sharing

* Note: The snails will be stressed from travel - Be sure to alert your main office staff to notify you upon delivery.

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Please limit your order to one set of Elodea and Snails for each 7.3 kit
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Elodea Stems, 50
Aquatic Snails, 30
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