Colchester School District 2018 Family Communication Survey
Reaching an entire school community in today's digital, mobile world requires planning on when to best use different methods to connect with families based on what audiences want and how they prefer to receive it. The feedback we receive from this survey will help us as we work to update our communication guidelines. Thank you for your input.
What school does your child attend? *
Much of this survey will give feedback to the specific school that you select. If you have children in multiple schools, we ask that you please take a separate survey for each school so we can accurately distribute the results.
For non-emergencies, how do you prefer to be contacted? *
In the event of an emergency, your child's school will use all contact information on file to contact you. This survey is targeting your preferences for NON-EMERGENCIES, such as follow-up communication after an incident, reminders, or general announcements.
How would you describe the frequency of communication coming from your child's school? *
How would you rate the quality of communication coming from your child's school? *
Low quality
High quality
What type of device do you generally read information from your child's school? *
Where do you get most of your school news and information? *
How often do you read the newsletter from your child's school? *
How helpful is the information in your school's newsletter? *
Not helpful or useful
Very helpful or useful
Do you have any suggestions for the newsletter related to format, content, or frequency?
Your answer
When you look for news or information on your school's website, how easy is it to find what you need? *
Very easy
Very difficult
What is your primary use of the district website?
Examples: school or district calendar, lunch menu, academic information, transportation, school news, school board information, etc...
Your answer
Is there a resource, link, or page that you would like to see added to your school's website?
Your answer
Not necessarily related to school, what is your preferred social media platform? *
CSD has active Facebook and Twitter pages with videos, photos, and posts about things happening in all our schools. Did you know you can follow the district and/or your child's school on these platforms? *
This year, we've shifted to posting more on social media and less through our blog, The Spotlight. Choose the option(s) that best describes how you feel: *
When you call the school's main number, how confident are you that you'll be be able to reach someone? *
I can never reach someone
Someone always picks up
If you need help or have a question, would you know who and how to contact for an answer? *
No, I have no idea
Yes, I'm clear about who does what and how to reach them
As we continue to examine how, when, and what types of general annoucement and information that we're communicating to our families, is there anything else you'd like us to consider?
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