Precom 2014 Volunteer Form
Thank you for volunteering for Precompression 2014!!!

Saturday night, June 14th
8410 Amelia St.
Oakland, CA 94621

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Burning Man is thrilled to put out the call to YOU 
to participate in creating our last Flambe Lounge before the 2013 burn!

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Describe your past Burning Man involvement, or any other volunteer experience. You may also describe any special skills that you believe may be helpful. No experience is required, we just like to know a little about you.
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Volunteer Roles
HOSPITALITY - Basic food prep, and serving food and beverages to staff and performers. Shifts start at least a few hours before the event starts, and run all the way past the event's end time.
WILL CALL - Checking in performers, staff, volunteers and anybody else that is on the will call list. You should be comfortable working with multiple lists, even during hectic times and when multiple people are talking to you at once. You must be able and willing to follow instructions on marking names off in a standardized way. Shifts will start a few hours before the event starts and go until near the end of the event.
TICKET TAKER - responsible for tearing tickets or stamping hands as people enter the event. THIS IS NOT GREETING. Your job will be to keep the line flowing quickly.
LINE CONTROL - Helping keep the line under control. You should be able to be assertive, but friendly.
BACKSTAGE SECURITY - You will work in the performance or backstage areas monitoring ins/outs of storage areas, or backstage areas.
BACKSTAGE RUNNER/HELPER - You will be helping to move equipment around stage, and possibly in and out of the event. Some stage hand experience, and knowledge of equipment setup is a plus.
EARLY SET-UP - Friday, June 13 - Cleaning up the area, and doing preliminary setup duties.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
SET-UP/TEAR DOWN - No special skills are required, but you must be able to lift at least 50 pounds over your head, climb ladders, walk up and down stairs or long distance while carrying objects, and hustle.


Set-up will be during the afternoon on the day of the event. Tear down will start as the event is wrapping up at the end of the night and go until we're done.
AV Setup/Strike - Help load in AV equipment early in the day, and assist in some of the setup. Also, load out at the end of the night.
Parking Help - Helping direct artists and performers as they load in. The only shift will be approximately 4pm-7pm (tentatively).

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Other Roles
Please list other roles you would be willing to perform, if we can't find you a shift in your top three
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Please let us know what time you are willing to volunteer. Keep in mind that certain times fill up fast, so check as many options that you are willing to do.

NOTE THAT THESE ARE ROUGH ESTIMATE TIMES, NOT ACTUAL SHIFT TIMES. We will match your shift as closely as possible to your selection.


Early = Noon - 8pm (set-up and decor only)
Start = 7 - 10pm
Middle = 9pm - Midnight
End = Midnight - 3am
Late = After event until as late as 6am (tear down)

Time Selection *
Please check ALL that apply, and remember, the more options we have, the better we can place you.
Please send questions or comments regarding volunteering to
Artists and Performers!
Performing artists, DJs, musicians, artists, art cars, and theme camps, we want to hear from you! Whatcha got? Email 

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