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Até que nível você foi?
Choose the correct alternative:
How _____ are you?
This is ______ story.
Good ______! I hope you get the job.
Michael _____ to work by car.
Have you _____ found a job?
My wife ____ born on July 11th, 1979.
How long _____ married?
What did the manager ____ to you?
They ____ to leave the house because they couldn't pay the rente.
They ____ go to the movies.
Did you ______ anywhere interisting last weekend?
I work as an engineer and my wife ____ too.
I think ____ taxi driver.
Would you like ____ help?
Martha looks ___ in her new dress.
These bottles ____ of plastic.
We wash the Windows _____ year.
The computer won't work unless you ____ those cables.
You _____ give this postcard to your mother.
Debora has got two children, ____?
Write about your life experience with English. ( at least 15 lines)
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