SportsNutritionistJames (SNJ) Pre-Meeting Assessment Questionnaire
Thank you for investing in your health with me. The biggest benefit of working with me online is the amount of time saved while reaping all the benefits of having an awesome coach to get you to your goals! You can also work out at your own time, even in the comfort of your own home. This gives you full control of your time!

To help you look awesome in front of your love ones through weight loss while maintaining your lean mass, we're not only going to learn how to train and eat. We'll also look at small achievable habits to help you lose weights on the go.

This application form will take approximately 15 minutes to fill up. Please fill in this application form and I will get back to you in the next 24 hours. Alternatively, once you've finished filling the form, drop me an email at to notify me.

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SNJ's Nutrition Coaching programs starts from as low as SGD$200/month. Is this a budget you'll be comfortable to commit for at least the next 3 months? *
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Is there anybody else who may be involved in your decision to hire a coach or stick to a fitness program? *
All data collected in this form will be used to manage your training and assessments, and will be kept confidential. As a form of protection from the Personal Data Protection Act, SNJ would like to seek your permission to use your data to manage your training and/or nutrition program. Permission will be asked before using your data for any other purposes. *
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