Supply Offer Details for Seller (SODS)
(Fill please this SODS for your each Supply Offer separately !)
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2. Sender's Name: *
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3. Sender's Position: *
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5. E-Mail Address(es): *
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6. Postal Address(es): *
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7. Offered Commodity(ies): *
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8. Specifications: *
(Please select offered standard or describe detailed if not in International Standard)
9. Quantity(ies): *
(Please advise offered quantity in Metric Ton (MT) or in Liters (L))
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10. Packing Sort(s): *
(Please select offered packing sort(s) as Bulk, in Bottle, Box, Can, Drum, Flexi Tank, Truck or any other packing sort(s))
11. Delivery Size(s): *
(Please advise offered delivery quantity size(s) per lot of 20 or 40 Feet Container, Truck or Bulk, etc.)
12. Shipment Time(s): *
(Please select offered shipment time(s) as Spot or Shipment Until Date, Calendar Week(s), Month(s), etc.)
13. Loading Point(s): *
(Please advise offered Loading Point(s) of your supply offer)
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14. Offer Price(s): *
(The Price that you are ready to accept minimum in USD per Metric Ton (MT) or per Liter (L) for your supply offer)
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15. Payment Terms: *
(Please advise requested payment terms for your supply offer)
16. Bank Details: *
(Please advise the Bank Name, Address, Phone and Facsimile Number(s), SWIFT Code, Officer Name and Title, Direct Phone and Facsimile Number(s) of Officer Advised, Account Holder Name, Account Number or IBAN)
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17. Other Related Information:
(Any other details and related documents, especially past performance and other documents if you have any)
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Olive Oils, Crude & Refined Sunflower, Corn, Soybean, Canola Oils
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