Safeguarding Children Volunteer Agreement
Queen Mary, University of London Students’ Union takes the safeguarding of children and young people seriously and the following do’s and don’ts are to protect you as a Students’ Union volunteer as well as the children and young people you may come into contact with. This agreement refers to the Students’ Union Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedure which can be found, together with other safeguarding information at

All volunteers have a responsibility to ensure that they are able to recognise signs of child abuse or neglect, how to respond to it and how to report it. It is important too that volunteers should avoid situations in which their interaction with children could lead to accusations against them personally. In this context, the definition of a child is anybody up to the age of 18.

Once you have completed this agreement you will be e-mailed a copy for your records, please use the e-mail address you would like this to be sent to below.
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