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Thank you for your willingness to stand for election to the AAUSC Board of Directors! Please provide the information requested below, which will allow us to prepare the candidates' statements and ballots.

Our bylaws provide the following descriptions for the office holders in AAUSC:

Vice-president/President-elect: In the absence of the President or in the event of the President's inability to act, the Vice President will perform the duties of the president. The Vice President, when acting as President, will have all the powers of and is subject to all the restrictions on the President. The Vice President will also perform other duties assigned by the Board of Directors. More than one Vice President position may be created and duties clarified, in an ordinary resolution of the Board of Directors.

Language section convener: A Language Section Convener shall be elected from each specific language group approved by the Board of Directors. The Language Section Convener shall be responsible for the coordinating language sections and promoting membership in the AAUSC, as well as for other activities as directed by the Board of Directors. Each Language Section Convener shall serve as liaison between that language group and the main organization and is required to attend the Annual Meeting. The Language Section Convener for a given language shall be elected by all the AAUSC members in good standing. Language Section Conveners shall serve terms of two years.
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