PEER Servants Volunteer Application
Thank you for your willingness to use your gifts, talents, and training to be part of extending God's kingdom around the world. The purpose of this application is to better understand you and your background and to identify different areas you would enjoy serving in; this will help us suggest some good places within PEER Servants for you to effectively serve. If there are other areas not mentioned below that you would like to get involved in, please specify those in the space provided. If you would like more information on any of these areas, please contact us at Thanks for taking this time to complete the application. We look forward to your joining our global discipleship community that is experiencing and extending more of the kingdom of heaven on earth.
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Areas of Experience/Interest
Please rate your level of interest and/or expertise in each of the following areas...
Not At All Interested
No Experience but Interested/Willing to Learn
Interested and Experienced
Biblical Exposition
Business Management
Children's Ministry
Communications/Graphic Design
Computer Hardware Consulting
Cross-Cultural Training
Curriculum Development
Distance Learning Applications
Event Management/Planning
Financial Management
Financial Modeling
Financial Reporting
Grant Writing
Human Resources
IT/Data Management
IT/Software Development
IT/Web Design
IT/Web Security
Leadership Development
Management Consulting
Pastoral Counseling
Risk Management
Social Media
Strategic Planning
Teenager Ministry
Travel Management
Volunteer Management
Please list any additional areas of interest/expertise
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Are there any other factors (e.g., past/future residences, volunteer history, etc.) which you think we should take into consideration in trying to find the best place for you to volunteer within PEER Servants?
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Anything else to add?
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Please provide the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of two references. *
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Thanks again for taking these few minutes to complete this application. Please click on "Submit" below. We will review your response and then contact you within a few days to discuss your PEER Servants volunteer involvement further. We thank God that He has directed you to us!
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