Hack4Impact McGill Project Proposals
Hack4Impact McGill is a student-run group at McGill University where we pair students with non-profits to build impactful technical projects. Students that are a part of Hack4Impact will work over the course of a semester to develop a technical project that fills a technical need within a non-profit and will work with the organization consistently to ensure that the project being developed is tailored to their needs.

If you are a non-profit that has a technical need, please fill out this form with the name of your organization and description of your project and our team will get back to you shortly. If you would like to ask any questions regarding the project submission, or if you have any questions in general please reach out to vpexternal.hack4impact@mcgilleus.ca
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What is the best email to reach you at? *
What is the name of your non-profit? *
What is a brief description of your non-profit? *
Does your non-profit have a website, if so please enter below:
Please describe the applications or projects you have in mind and the problem(s) they address: *
Please include: Details about the problem(s) your proposed project would target, current state of the particular area of your organization your project would affect, what sort of impact you believe it will have, and how soon you would need it developed by.
What is your definition of success for this project? *
In other words, what metrics or milestones would you use to determine whether or not the project was successful? What are ways in which we might measure the impact of this project?
Volunteering Opportunities
Does your organization have any local volunteering opportunities? If so, please provide any details (type of opportunities, location, etc) of potential ways students could get involved
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