Very Vintage Dressmaking Competition Entry Form
We are looking for a collection of brilliant home sewers who are nifty with a needle!

This competition is open to enthusiastic home dressmakers and crafters who are keen to make vintage-inspired garments and sewers and crafters who make do and mend.
At VVDO we're keen to show how our talented community can help with the masses of clothing going to landfills each year. We're proud of our sewists who make quality over quantity and our crafters who make something new out of something others may consider waste.

DRESSMAKING: Show us your favorite home-made skirt or dress, make something new with your old-faithful pattern or even try a whole new pattern and fabric - the choice is yours!
MAKE-DO & MEND: Make something new out of something old! Maybe cushions made out of a vintage dress... let your imagination run wild!

Complete the form below and send us your makes by 29 September!

Please note a sewing professional to us at VVDO is anyone who makes their living by sewing or teaching sewing and is ineligible.

Dressmaking - a brand new sewing machine thanks to Singer
Make-do & Mend - $100 Spotlight voucher

Entry garments and make do and mend projects need to be sent or delivered to VVDO HQ for judging prior to Very Vintage Day Out 2019. The Prizegiving will be held at Very Vintage Day Out 2019.
Top 10 entries from both categories will be on display at VVDO.

See full rules T&Cs for competition, here:
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