Halal Lifetysle EXPO 2018 Space Application Form
Before filling out this form, please read the terms and regulations first in our website www.halal.formmit.org

Or read on this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12L1HM0GD5g8-BwKIto53ubTmhn7aM03B/view?usp=sharing


1. Venue: Taipei Main Station in front of South Gate 2. Address: No. 49, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 1004. https://goo.gl/maps/iT7CHntoCtx

2. Exhibitor’s Entrance Hours to Expo area is 09:00 am – 05.00 pm

3. Space Information
a) All exhibitors will be provided with 3x3 m2 tent, 2 chairs and 1 table.
b) Each space is supplied with 110 Volts 500 watts’ power free of charge.

4. Product/Service
Products or services to be offered and sold must be products or services that are HALAL in sharia’

5. On-Site Cooking /Sampling
a) In order to prevent littering, exhibitors are required to prepare their own garbage cans to throw in garbage and food wastes.
b) For safety purposes, it is prohibited to use gas stoves.
c) Only electric appliances are allowed for on-site cooking. The exhibitor is held responsible for all damages and injuries incurred due to the misuse of any cooking devices.

6. Exhibitor Information
a) All exhibitors should register at the registration counter upon arrival at Taipei Main Station to collect their badges and other information.
b) Placement of space location completely becomes the authority of the expo management

7. Area Cleaning
The organizer is responsible for normal daily cleaning of the public areas and passageways. Exhibitors have to clean their own spaces area during and after the expo ends.

8. Adherence to Copyright Patent Laws
a) It is strictly forbidden to display logos, licenses, or patented items registered by other companies.
b) Violations will result in immediate removal of the displays. The exhibitors bear the responsibility for all penalties without recourse or indemnity

9. Exhibit Limitations
a) Exhibitors are not permitted to erect booth partitions of over 250cm in height.
b) Advertising materials such as signs, posters and other advertising decorations can be extended to a height of 400cm.
c) Any signs or decoration higher than 250cm in full view must be decorated.
d) Since we also will host halal workshop in the expo area, the exhibitors are not allowed to use any appliances which can cause a noise.

10. Venue & Expo Dates Change
The Expo Management reserves the right to change the venue and date of the Exhibition under certain circumstances. In the event of change of venue and/or date, or cancellation of the Exhibition, the exhibitors shall not be entitled to any claim for compensation in connection with the booking of participation.

11. Payment Procedure Information
a) The space rental fee can be transmitted to (700) 0021472 0305212 Post Bank
Account of Fikri Ismail 菲克力. The payment is due on Monday, March 26 2018,
b) Each space will be charged 5,000 NTD. Exhibitors must pay 2,000 NTD for a deposit, and it will be returned after the expo ends.
c) Confirm to Fikri Ismail 0965843357, Line ID: fikriismail, or send an email to formmittaiwan@gmail.com
d) In the event of cancellation, the payment will not be refunded under any circumstances.

12. Application for Participation
a) When signing the related application forms, participants agree to follow all the existing Regulations and further Regulations that might be made to modify them. Please visit www.halal.formmit.org for more information
b) Once signed and submitted by the Applicant and confirmed by the Expo Management, the contract will be established and come into effect.
c) Violations of the Regulations can result cancellation of the space rental, or the deposit will not be returned.
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