COVID-19 Survey for Individual Artists, Musicians, and Creative Service Employees
This is a survey for individual artists, musicians, and creative service employees.

The NWCT Arts Council has been following Coronavirus updates and is taking a proactive approach to advocate for the arts organizations and artists affected in our region.

Please take a few moments to complete this survey to help us understand the impact the Coronavirus outbreak has on you as an individual. This will also help us determine what resources are needed for artists in our region.

Please share this survey to other artists and creatives in your network.
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How has COVID-19 had an impact on your livelihood as an artist/creative professional? *
(e.g. health; lost wages/earnings; travel restrictions; canceled shows and gigs; social distancing effects, etc.)
What is your biggest concern at this moment? *
Are you or other artists in your community responding to the outbreak through your art? If so, how? *
In what creative ways are you sharing your work despite social distancing? *
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Are you employed through a business outside of your art practice? *
What is the current status of the business you work for? *
Do you currently have health insurance coverage? *
What kind of support do you need right now? *
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