UCL SFFS Merch 2018/19
Hey everyone! The part of the year I am always excited for: the dank subsidized merch is now ready for ordering. This year you can get four different things all of which are subsidized by the society so they are much cheaper! These are:

1. T-Shirts
2. Pint Glasses
3. Flasks
4. Tote Bags

These are all customized to be UCL SFFS merch, differing slightly in the customization between the four methods. You can get one of everything or just one of one thing. Its whatever you'd like!

If you have any questions please email me at lewis.moffat.13 (AT) ucl.ac.uk and it'd be my pleasure to help you out.

ORDERS CLOSE AT 11:55PM OF 29TH OF NOVEMBER 2018 (29/11/18)

Order beforehand or miss out. Orders will be then placed to arrive over the holidays so you get your merch at the beginning of Term 2. More details for getting your swag are in the final section of this form.

IMPORTANT: Read the "How to Order" to understand how to fill out this form as there are some important details there.

How To Order
Go through and fill out the form for what you'd like as per below. If you don't want a flask for example then just leave the flask section blank. Each item is separated into a section below. Once you've gone through and filled out the details for different merch you wanna get then at the end you'll need to fill in some stuff involving payment.

You'll need to pay in order to submit the form but that is explained in the section below titled "Payment".

Each section will have example photos of the item as well as all the info for purchasing it.

Payment is going to be done in one easy method this year: via paypal.

All you need is the email I have provided to send the money

If you do not have a paypal account:
- please make one, it is very easy to do: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/account-selection
- Alternatively ask another society member who is likely to have one to pay on your behalf.
- If you just don't want to have another damn account then don't worry, its really easy to close the account right after you've used it, google it and go from there.

Once you have paypal:
1. Add up and figure out the TOTAL amount you need to pay in £
2. Log into you paypal account and click on the "Send Money" Tab. (If you can't see it then click on the "Money" tab and it will be on the left.
3. When using paypal make sure to click 'sending money to a friend', NOT 'paying for goods and services'
4. Send the money amount you calculated in GBP to: lewismoffat (at) gmail.com
5. Copy Transaction ID from your email confirmation into the field at the bottom of this form and then submit it!!!!

Can't find the Transaction ID in the email?:

You will receive a confirmation email from paypal that looks like the example image I've included below. Where I have covered up a string of letters and numbers in red is an example of the "Transaction ID" and where it will be for you. Copy and paste that value into the form and you're good to go.

Having problems? Email me as per above. If the amount you send is incorrect I'll sent it back and cancel your order so you'll have to resubmit (I'll email you on the email you use for paypal to tell you this). The confirmation email may say Zeus Developments as the recipient or my name.

IMPORTANT!!!!: When using paypal make sure to click 'sending money to a friend', NOT 'paying for goods and services'

TL;DR Send money to lewismoffat (at) gmail.com and use the transaction ID to complete and submit this form.

Example of payment email
Your Name (as appears on your student card) *
Your answer
Your Email (what you use for paypal) *
Your answer
You can choose from between two designations the supplier provides for the T Shirts:

- Unisex Shirt
- Womens Shirt

They vary a bit in cut and the sizing so see below for an example of each and the sizing charts that have been provided. Chose what you'd like, the size, and quantity!!!

COST: £5.67 per shirt

Unisex Example (ignore the weird black box it won't be there when its made)
Unisex shirt sizing
Womens Shirt
Womens shirt sizing
Unisex Shirt (Quantity)
Unisex Shirt Size
Womens Shirt (Quantity)
Womens Shirt Size
Pint Glasses
You can use them to drink whatever you'd like. Its a glass cup (TM)

COST: £5.76 per glass

Pint Glass Example
Pint Glass (Quantity)
A snazy 6oz flask. It's laser marked rather than engraved, and supplied with a funnel. It just so happens it comes in a black satin lined presentation box which is fancy AF. Its stainless steel the dimensions are 9cm wide x 11cm tall x 2cm deep. The lazer etching won't be as dark as in the example but close-ish.

COST: £9.93 per flask

Flask example (lazer etching will be a bit lighter than below suggests)
Flasks (Quantity)
Tote Bags
Who doesn't love totes? Its Cotton, 38 x 42cm, has a capacity of 10 Litres, and handle length of 67cm.

COST: £ 2.96 per tote


Tote Bag Example (IGNORE BLACK BOX AROUND LOGO, won't be there on the actual)
Tote (Quantity)
Include the total amount GBP and the paypal Transaction ID
Total Cost (£) *
Your answer
Transaction ID (copy and paste below) *
Your answer
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