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The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Legislative Caucus (GLLC) is a binational, nonpartisan organization that exists solely for the purpose of engaging state and provincial legislators in the policy-making process related to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. Clean water is essential to support a healthy population, a thriving economy, and a well-functioning ecosystem. As the major source of water for communities located within the Great Lakes basin, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River are a vital resource in which the region’s residents all share a common interest.

Please use this form to enroll as a new member of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Legislative Caucus. Membership in the GLLC is open to state or provincial legislators serving in the Great Lakes states and provinces.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk. This form is only for NEW members. EXISTING MEMBERS DO NOT NEED TO RE-ENROLL.

If you have any questions about the Caucus or enrollment, contact

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