How I Live Now 01
Read today's excerpt from our story, and answer the following questions. Use Complete Sentences for the short-answer questions.
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Comprehension Section
Choose the Best possible answer.
Question 1
Daisy's real name is:
Question 2
The Setting of this story is:
Question 3
In the fourth paragraph of Chapter 2, Daisy compares Edmond to:
Question 4
Tone in literature:
Question 5
In Chapter 2, Daisy's tone toward Edmond's smoking cigarettes can best be described as:
Question 6
The protagonist of a story is:
Question 7
In Chapter 3, we learn that the protagonist is ___ years old.
Question 8
Who among the following is NOT one of Daisy's cousins?
Question 9
Who among the following are twins?
Question 10
Which American city is Daisy from?
Short Answer Section
Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences.
Question 11
In the first four paragraphs of page 2, describe Daisy's tone about meeting Edmond:
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Question 12
What is strange about when Edmond says, “You’ll get used to it,” at the end of Chapter 2?
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Question 13
According to Edmond, what is Aunt Penn's "Important Work" related to? (See the last page of today's section.)
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Question 14
Why do you think Isaac is “looking at Edmond in a funny way”? (See the last page of today's section.)
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Question 15
Near the end of today's section, Daisy remarks, "which just goes to show how wrong a person can be about what's in store." How does this statement qualify as foreshadowing? (Look up foreshadowing on the web if you do not know what it is.)
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