Study Visit Riga
Dear EFL member/ associate,

This year's study visit will take us to the capital of Latvia, Riga, and takes place on September 12 and 13.
The organisation of the study visit is dedicated to IWO - our partner and specialist in Eastern European housing (

Participation is free for paying EFL members and associates (max 2 participants per organisation). Non EFL members or non paying associates (universities) are charged a fee for participation which covers diner, lunches, drinks and bus tour.

The fee for non-members/ non paying EFL associates is € 200,00 to be paid after registration and upon invoicing (issued by IWO).

Tentative program:

Thursday 12 September
10.00 am introduction/morning program (more info will follow)

12.30 pm lunch at restaurant, old town
2.30 pm site visit guided by city architect and incl. Q&A (walk around the old town + bus tour) (till 5.00 pm)
7.00 pm joint dinner at restaurant in the old town

Friday 13 September
9.00 am presentations/impulses by up to 4 local deciders and stakeholder regarding questions on domestic housing policy, real estate market, practitioners from housing, affordable/social housing, financing/funding, incl. coffee break (venue in the old town)
12.00 am lunch nearby, old town
1.00 pm presentation / Q&A by municipal administration company representatives
2.00 pm guided visit at Schwarzhäupterhaus (Blackheads House - major Riga sight), old town
3.00 pm end of the program

The program is in progress. This registration form only serves to register your presence.

Best regards,

Saskia Lührs (IWO)
Joost Nieuwenhuijzen (EFL)

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Thank you very much for responding ! Hope to see you in Riga !
Saskia Lührs (IWO), Joost Nieuwenhuijzen (EFL)
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