Project Call for Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster
The information being collected in this template is designed to frame potential R&D projects for Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster.

This data may be integrated into the official project description templates for our full proposal submission due on November 24th, 2017.

Given the nature of our vision for Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster, project concepts should be cutting edge, future-thinking or even disruptive in nature, and fashioned after industry-defined or industry-relevant problems or opportunities.

Please refer to the attachments you received with this form URL for more information on the boundaries of this project sandbox (i.e. the data stack, program frameworks, enabling technologies, etc.).

Please be reasonably explicit and detailed in your submission. We may circle back to you to further define your submission, but we need something clear and tangible that appears to have potential as an official project description for our proposal.

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Proprietary and/or Confidential Information
We're very interested in projects you may have already envisioned in your roadmap which are aligned with our vision for Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster. Pursuing them inside the supercluster will provide great benefits. However, please do not submit information that is confidential or proprietary at this time.
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Project Overview
In this section, please summarize your idea. All answers have a 1000 character maximum to accommodate the need for longer answers, but feel free to be brief.
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Is this project affiliated with, or designed to serve any under-represented groups? *
The Opportunity, and/or the Problem or Challenge Being Addressed *
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Project Outcomes & Expected Benefits *
Examples: new technology, new platforms, new industry solutions, prototypes, the outcomes related to solving the problem, industry benefits, customer value propositions, talent development, global markets potential, etc.
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Description of the Innovation *
What is the innovation or in other words what is the cutting-edge advancement to the present-day state of the art?
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Participants and Collaborators *
Who would likely be involved and in what roles? What other companies, universities, researchers? Describe the nature of the collaboration. What does a full project team look like?
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The Approach (Plan) & Budget
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Please provide a summary of the scope of the project, high level statement of work. How will the project be approached? What needs to get done? What ancillary or catalyst technologies (existing) are core to the project (i.e. AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IOT)
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Project Time-Frame *
Please summarize the estimated duration of the project assuming full-team, full-time.
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Estimated Project Value/Budget *
Please summarize core budget items.
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Alignment with Supercluster Themes
Which of these 'Innovation Supercluster Initiative' themes will be addressed by this project (select all that apply). *
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