National Hospital Showcase Competition for KSAPT 2020
Idea Presentation

To submit an idea, please read all of the instructions below:

• You are invited to submit idea to share unique experiences and present novel practices implemented in your institute for KSAPT 2020: "Exploring the Prospect of Pharmacy & Toxicology" on 5th - 10th of December 2020.

• Please note that only electronic submissions will be considered.

Registration is free for all participants

Language & Content

Ideas abstracts may be submitted in Arabic or English using the online submission form with 2250 characters with space (around 325 words).

The language of the video can be in Arabic or English.

General Conditions

1. Ideas must be submitted maximum by Friday, December 4th, 2020 – 11:59 PM.

2. Notification on Acceptance/Rejection: Saturday, 5th of December, 2020.

3- Idea presenters are permitted to physically dilate their showcase on the stage.

4. If the the participants prefer not to physically dilate their showcase on the stage, the participants can video record the showcase and submit it by Sunday, December 6th, 2020-11:59 PM.

5. Each team may be composed of two participants or more (submission with one participant is accepted).

6. Participation is accepted for recorded virtual presentation (oral presentation, poster presentation, or any other visual artwork such as drawing, simulation, design, crafts, photography, video, and short film making related to medical work).

7. The recorded video should not exceed 10 minutes.

8. Withdrawal of participation can only be accepted if notified in writing. It is possible to withdraw in 2 days after notification of acceptance.

Presenting Author and Registration

1. Please verify that the email address of leading author is correct as it will be used for contacting participants after the review process.

2. Only one presenter will be offered free registrations.

3. Ideas submitters must consent to the Policies of Showcase Competition Submission.

4. Scientific committee of KSAPT reserves the right to exclude any idea from the scientific program.

Contents of your idea

1. A brief paragraph describing your practice at workplace. In this paragraph, you should list all divisions, committees and services available in your department even with limited resources.

2. In a second paragraph, you may briefly describe idea about unique experiences and present novel practices implemented in your institute (if present).

3. The idea text body is limited to 2250 characters including space (around 325 words). (Please do not include the title and the author’s information in the text body (names and affiliations), this information will be required in the web form).

4. There are no limitations on the number of ideas that a hospital can submit.

6. No identifying features such as names of authors, hospitals, medical schools, clinics or cities may be listed in the title or abstract text, as a “blind” review process will be used. You will be asked to enter the name(s) of the author(s) and their institution(s), when you submit your abstract online.


• Showcases physical presentation and recorded videos will be evaluated by a panel of renowned professors chosen by the KSAPT 2020 Scientific Committee.

• The videos will be also judged by the public.

• The final evaluation will be a combination of the total scores.

• Final awards will be distributed to the top five winners after the “Panel Discussion”.

• Certificates will be distributed to the individual participants and the winning hospital.


• The final evaluation will depend on:

o Problem definition
o Creativity
o Impact Size and Adaptability Rate
o Challenges during Implementations
o Idea Sustainability
o Team Sacrifice and Suffering
Name of the Leading Participant *
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Organization (Name of the Hospital) *
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