EAMIF Open call: Artists' musicals
DEADLINE: 22 September 2019, but we will view works as they come in so we would encourage you to send in works sooner.

To submit more than one work please complete the form twice.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for musical films made by artists. This is quite a specific open call, as we are hoping to receive support from a specific fund to do with musicals. We are interested in alternative takes on the musical and are interested in how artists can subvert this genre.

What is a musical?There is no hard and fast definition of a musical, but generally it's a film where the characters burst into song in between action or dialogue, and the songs carry the narrative of the film. A informal rule is: If you can watch the film, and turn to the person next to you and confidently say 'that was a musical' without having to argue why, then it probably counts. Sung-through films or film-operas where there is only song and no dialogue will also be included. Films that are more like music videos will generally not fit brief but we may be still interested to view them.

If you are unsure if your film fits then get in contact at eamifestival@gmail.com
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