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Thank you for submitting to the 17th Annual Chicago Palestine Film Festival! Please be sure to read all of the Terms and Guidelines (found on our website) before submitting this form. All submissions for the 2018 CPFF must be received by December 9th, 2018. The form below should be completed as fully as possible; questions that require responses are indicated by a red asterisk. You cannot "save" your form as a draft, so please ensure you have enough time to finish it before starting (approximately 15 minutes). If you have any questions, problems, or concerns about the submission process, please first check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the website for answers! If you still have a question, then please contact us by sending an email to both entry@palestinefilmfest.com and entry2@palestinefilmfest.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Please include a short descriptive summary of your film. *NOTE* If your film is selected, this summary will be used for all press/publicity purposes on the CPFF website and other social media.
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Exhibition Screening Format *
Please check all available formats for screening your film (PAL or NTSC).
Primary Contact: Name and Title *
List the full name of the primary contact and their official title in relationship to the film. This is the person with whom CPFF will communicate with regarding the film's selection status and any other required information.
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Primary Contact: Email and Phone Number *
Include the email, phone number, and current country for the above primary contact person.
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Shipping Address and Account Number *
CPFF does *not* cover shipping fees for the exhibition copy if your film is selected for the festival. In case your film is selected, please include below an address for us to return the exhibition copy, along with a shipping account number (e.g., FedEx or UPS).
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Additional Contacts
Please list any other people with whom CPFF should communicate with regarding this film's submission status (e.g. distributor, press contact). Minimally include full name, official title, and email address for all additional contacts.
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If selected, would this be your film's premiere? *
If you have already premiered your film, where has it screened?
List all festival names, locations, and dates for prior screenings. Please also indicate if your film has had a commercial release.
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Has your film received any awards? *
If your film has received awards, please list the full award information below, including year.
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Please include links to any online articles or other forms of press your film has received.
Links to press items in all languages are welcome.
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Please include links to access 2-5 high-resolution images for your film. *
If you would prefer to email these images rather than provide download links, simply indicate that below. Film images should be sent to entry@palestinefilmfest.com and entry2@palestinefilmfest.com
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If your film has a publicly available online trailer / preview, please include the link below.
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Please note that we require an electronic copy of your film for the review process. We assure you that we will *not* share this electronic version with anyone external to the CPFF committee and its film selection jurors. If you need assistance or have questions about acceptable ways to share your film electronically, or if you have concerns about confidentiality, send us an email.
How will you electronically submit your film? *
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Film Password
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Unless otherwise agreed, submission implies acceptance of the following terms:

1. I am duly authorized, on my behalf and on behalf of any person or entity that has ownership rights in the submitted work, to submit the work to CPFF and I represent that this submission will not violate any law or any right of any person or entity.

2. Please be advised that we reserve the right to duplicate the film strictly for press review and promotional purposes.

3. Login and passwords for electronic links must be current through February 2019. Failure to notify CPFF of any login and/or password changes for electronic link submissions will immediately disqualify your film from the film festival. Any logins and passwords changes should be sent to entry2@palestinefilmfest.com & entry@palestinefilmfest.com.

4. Submission expenses will not be met by the CPFF. There is no submission fee. There is also no compensation paid to selected films. Any compensation or reimbursement to filmmakers is solely at the discretion of the CPFF.

5. If your film is selected for screening, an exhibition-quality copy of the film will be requested. We do not consider DVD an exhibition format. Acceptable film formats include PAL or NTSC (if PAL, please indicate on tape) versions of the following: DCP, Film: 35mm; 16mm or Digital: HDcam 1080i and 30i; Digibeta; Beta SP; DV-CAM; Mini-DV, ProRes; HDV60i and 30i

By clicking "Agree: Submit," I acknowledge that I have read and understood the CPFF Terms and Guidelines for film submission and give consent to the above conditions outlined in the acceptance of the Terms and Guidelines. *
I additionally retain the right to withdraw submission of my film for any reason, and should I choose to do so will email entry@palestinefilmfest.com 2 weeks prior to opening night to notify CPFF of my decision to withdraw.
This is the end of the Entry Form. Thank you for submitting to the 2019 Chicago Palestine Film Festival!

We look forward to reviewing your submission. Acceptance/rejection notifications will be issued via email by February 15th, 2019.

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