We, the undersigned, join to declare our solidarity with and commitment to work alongside and as communities of color, and unite toward the liberation of Black and Brown lives, as we struggle for the recognition and realization of our human rights.

We stand in full solidarity and struggle with Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives. We acknowledge the long standing anti-Blackness that has permeated the United States and the world as a violent product of over 500 years of colonization. We demand full accountability for the Black lives that are constantly under the threat of systematic violence. Now more than ever, we must stand with and for the liberation of our Black and Afro-Latinx hermanxs.

We understand that to achieve a world that is just and equitable, we must fight with and for one another and, together, cast off the mantle of hetero-patriarchal white supremacy.

Today, as part of this effort, we demand reproductive justice.

• We demand the right to be a parent, the right to not parent, and the right to parent the children we have with dignity and respect in safe neighborhoods with quality schools and housing. We demand workplaces that ensure we can support ourselves and our families.

• We demand full accountability for the Black lives cut short, for the threats and experiences of policing faced by our Black hermanxs. We demand an end to the killing of Black people by police and we demand an end to the near-constant impunity with which these killings are met.

• We demand the demilitarization of our communities and an end to the state sanctioned violence enforced through criminalization and racist, overzealous immigration enforcement. We demand an end to immigration raids and widespread detention and deportation.

• We demand criminal justice reform, comprehensive and dignified immigration reform, and the expansion of policies that strengthen our families, rather than tear them apart.

• We demand full political, social, and economic rights and power for all people regardless of gender or sexual identity, orientation, and/or expression. We unite to bring attention and an immediate end to the systemic violence and discrimination the trans community faces daily. We demand an end to all legislation that criminalizes the existence of our trans hermanxs and encourage policymakers and organizations to create fundamental changes that foster inclusivity and community-building.

• We demand that our voices be lifted up, heard, and counted. We demand an end to laws that suppress voters and keep people of color from the polls. We demand an end to racial gerrymandering that dilutes the voting power of Black and Latinx communities. We demand an end to felony disenfranchisement laws that extend the reach of mass incarceration beyond the walls of the prison industrial complex and unjust sentences into a long-lasting “civil death.”

• We demand the protection and fulfillment of reproductive health rights and access for all people, including contraceptive equity and abortion. We demand available and affordable pre- and post-natal care, paid family leave, and respect for all parents regardless of age, gender, sexuality, and class. We demand that all people be able to access the healthcare they need without fear of encountering discriminatory practices and providers and without the threat of criminalization or incarceration, which is too often inflicted upon immigrants and people of color.

We recognize that the long and continuing history of systemic violence against people of color threatens Latinx families and communities. We recognize that our movements for social change and progress are stronger when they include and center people of color. We will stand and fight together to challenge and dismantle the oppressive systems, policies, and practices that threaten the health and lives of our Black and Brown hermanxs and to work toward a world that acknowledges and respects our self-determination and humanity.

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