St. Martin's Credit Union

This questionnaire is designed to get your very important feedback as it relates to our customer service. Please be assured that your answers are confidential and are used for overall statistical analysis only.

Basic Information:
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1. How would you rate the quality of our customer service experience?
2. How would you rate the following service attributes?
a. The courtesy of staff who attended to you
b. The helpfulness of staff in addressing your query or problem
c. The promptness with which your transaction was processed
3. Would you recommend your family and friends to become members of the credit union?
4. What do we need to do better or do differently to serve you?
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5. In the near future, we are planning to have available the following products. Please indicate which of the new products would you be more likely to participate in?
6. Is there anything that we do that would cause you to stop being a member of the credit union? Please explain.regarding the sessions or overall agenda?
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