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LOCATION: The Kapor Center for Social Impact @ 2148 Broadway, Oakland, CA
- The event is open to teams up to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 people.
- If you have a team, let us know below. If you don't have a team, there will be a ‘solo matching service’ available at orientation.

- Orientation takes place on December 2nd, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at United Roots Oakland, 2781 Telegraph Avenue. Game Jam participants must attend the orientation. Participants will receive the theme of the Game Jam, choose team roles and brainstorm on game. People without a team will be placed at orientation.
- Official Game Jam kick off begins at 9:30am o December 3rd at the Kapor Center for Social Impact. This is not an overnight Jam. The Kapor Center will close at 6pm and reopen at 9:30am on Sunday the 4th. People can work throughout the night.
- Participants must check in at the Kapor Center every morning. If you are not at the Kapor Center during Jam hours you and your team will be disqualfied.
- The Game Jam will end on Sunday December 4th @ 2pm. Game showcase and closing ceremonies will be from 2:15 - 4:00pm

- There will be a designated area for the Game Jam; participants can use most of the center provided they don't get in the way of the workshops and other activities.
- Tea, coffee, juice, light snacks will be available as well as a microwave and fridge to heat ready meals. The Kapor Center for Social Impact is also located by a number of coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants.

- Prizes will be offered in the following categories: Best use of Theme, Best Game, Best Audio, Best Art and Jammers Choice. Participants can expect prize money, video games, urban apparel and more from our sponsors (Ubisoft, Adobe, Toys for Bob and more).

For questions email Damon Packwood at

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