End of Year Student LCAP Survey
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1. My school provides a good education for students.
2. My school provides everything I need to learn while at school.
3. My school prepares students for future college or career paths.
4. My school contacts my parent/guardian if I am often late to school or absent.
5. I look forward to coming to school each day.
6. I feel safe at school.
7. My school works with my parent/guardian to help me do my best in school.
8. My teacher calls or writes my parent/guardian when I am having trouble learning.
9. My school is clean, safe, and in good condition.
10. My school provides textbooks and learning materials to meet the needs of all students.
11. Adults at my school treat every student with respect.
12. What is one thing the school could do to help you better achieve all of your learning goals?
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