Teacher & Learning Achievement Feedback
Dear students, this survey is to give you the opportunity to do feedback for teaching and learning improvement. Please answer the questions as honestly as you can, your honest thoughts and reflection in the learning you had will give an insight to the teacher in making things for the better. Thank you very much.
What is your name? (Optional)
What is your Grade Level? *
Have you done your best effort and class participation in the class? *
What will you RATE yourself on the scale about your class performance? *
What are the significant topics and experiences that you have learned most in the class? and why? *
Are there any class experience and activities that you think should have been included for your benefit?
Do you want to say something about things that Mr. Fritz should do more, or to do less in teaching? If yes, please write down below, and if none, write "none". *
Are there any things that you want to commend Mr. Fritz to or something to improve in his teaching? (Optional: You may write also your name and grade after your comment if you want him to know) *
Write down below if you have any suggestions for any improvement in class? *
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