Sheri Lyn Paperback order Form
There are prices for single books and discounts for buying multiple in the series. All books are.marked as USD.

$10 Each or 2 for $18 or 3 for $25 or all 4 for $35
Safe Haven, Sanctuary, Refuge, and Asylum

$8 each or any 2 for 15, 3 for $22, 4 for $30, 5 for $38, 6 for $45
Forged in Fire and Locked in Stone
Check Mate, Demon Mate, and Tortured Mate
Black Hollow: Silver Linings

$10 for one, both for $18
Can You Protect Them, Can You Save Them (not available till end of July)

$5 each
Pan's Curse is $5
Goated by the God's and Loki's Match is $5 (Loki's Match not available till end of June)
Oh My: Sexy in Rainbow $5

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