Salute Page Profile 2017 - MAROTeen
DUE: by April 1, 2017: This is the information that may be placed on the Program Book Salute Page Photo selected by Photographer License To Shoot Photography by Michelle Roberts as your contestant page/salute page in the official program book and other places as determined by MAROTeen.. The information listed below should appear exactly as you wish it to appear in the program book. Due to layout and limited space an edit may occur but will do our best to print as you have it printed below.
Titleholder Name *
List as it is to be listed in the program book
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Title *
Begin you title with Miss. Be sure to print your title exactly as it is. Example: Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen.
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Parents *
Parents or Guardians Name: EXAMPLE: Mr and Ms. Jack Wilson or Susie and Jack Wilson. Please give both names. If the Parents are not together give each name like Susie Wilson and Jack Wilson so we know to print separately. If there are step parents make it clear how we are to print the parents names.Print exactly as you would like it to be printed. Remember edit may occur due to limited print space.
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Hometown *
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Talent Type *
Example: Vocal; Piano Solo; Jazz Dance; Tap Dance; Clogging Dance; Etc. Print exactly as you would like it to be printed. Remember edit may occur due to limited print space.
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Talent Title *
List the name of the music you will use. Example: "Note to God"; " I want to win"; "El" Shaddai" Print exactly as you would like it to be printed. Remember limited print space.
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Platform *
Type exactly as you want it to appear in the program book. Example: Aim Higher: Setting Our Sights On Higher Education. put as you would like it to appear in the program book. Remember limited print space.
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Executive Director(s) *
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Contestant Page/Salute Page Sponsors *
If you secured sponsors to help you pay for your $400 salute page/contestant page; you may list the sponsor(s) below if you want them to appear in the program book. We will include the list of sponsors your Program Book contestant/salute page from the photoshoot. This sponsor information, your bio, and other information will be designed and placed over your contestant photo shoot picture on your salute page. If there is no sponsor provided, your local pageant will be listed as the sponsor. List below exactly how you want your salute page ad sponsors name to be printed in the program book. Remember space is limited. SPONSOR(S): PRINT EXACTLY AS YOU WANT IT TO APPEAR IN THE PROGRAM BOOK
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Power Word *
I understand that on March 12 some time after 12:00 noon I will receive an email from to select my "Power Word". The power word will be "first come first serve". If by the time I select my power word someone else picked that word. I will be asked to select an different "Power Word" and resubmit. All responses are upload just as you enter the word. The response also reflects the time submitted so we know who came first. We crown the last of the class on March 11. The exact time of the email will depend on the time it takes to get the newly crowned contestants email addresses. All Executive Directors crowning on March 11 will need to inform their titleholders about the submission of the "Power Word". Do you understand?
Reason *
I understand after my "Power Word" has been apporved you will receive an approval message with a place to l submit a 25 word or less paragraph about why I selected my "Power Word". More details to follow. This will appear on your Salute Page. Description or Quote of What your Power Word means to you In 25 words or less. Do you understand?
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