Nobody does You better Application.
Thanks for making the decision to apply to join me for a 'Discovery Call' to see whether we are a good fit to journey together on my in-depth 12 week Nobody does You better Quest.

If you are ready to be be one of just a few amazing women on this mind-shifting, body shaping, habit forming exclusive coaching quest, then go ahead and start your personal mission by completing this application form. If our energy resonates and you agree to accept this mission then your journey begins immediately.

The following questions are often cathartic and revealing. So don't overthink the questions, just be as honest and open and let it flow... I will use your responses to ensure you get the most out of your free 40 minute 'Discovery Call' with me.

Please put aside about 5 to 10 minutes to to complete this.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Be courageous,
Carla x'
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What area(s) of your life are you MOST challenged and/or unhappy with right now and need to commit to improving? *
What are the biggest fears, blocks or barriers you can identify that may be causing these challenges right now? *
What are the top 6 goals you are committed to focus on in 2021? *
Have you set these goals before? What was the outcome? *
Were your goals different before COVID-19? If yes, How has your outlook and motivation changed you and your goals?
What are some things that truly inspire you and you are really passionate about? *
Close your eyes and take a few slow breaths, imagine, you have been on this transformational journey with me. You have developed real courage through self-compassion and self-integrity and got into great emotional and physical states with deep connection and total congruence. Describe your dream life as you see it in 12 months time. *
Are you able to make a TIME commitment of approx. 5 hours of deep work per week to be on this journey to become fit, balanced, centered, creative, compassionate and resilient so you truly feel free and empowered to face life courageously? *
I am looking to work with you, if you are truly ready and committed to developing deep self-love, self-integrity and self-trust. We will work with a Body, Mind, Heart & Soul coherence and soothing approach. If this sounds like something that deeply interests you, then let's get on our call to discuss what the NdYb Quest is all about, If you agree, then we start your journey immediately. I look forward to receiving this application.
Are you able to make a FINANCIAL commitment to be on this exclusive program to live a life of Pure Passion, Raw Courage and Deep Resilience from now on? *
Radical Self-care, self-compassion, self-respect, Your life on Your terms,.... unapologetically. Start you personalized journey once you join.
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