Guest posting opportunities on Creative K Kids, 2019-2020
Do you have a kids craft, kids printable, or a recipe you would like to share with Creative K Kids' readers? I am looking for original (non-published) posts!! You can include a paragraph or a teaser on your blog along with a picture, but the post cannot be published on my blog and your blog as Google hates duplicate content. Posts must be grammatically correct and spelling error free or I may edit them if I see errors. Posts also must include at least one pin-worthy image that you can watermark with your own blog's name. I usually make my pictures a maximum of 650 pixels wide. All posts are subject to my approval. I will share on all my social media venues. Posts can be emailed to me in html form. My email is if you have more questions!
Currently I receive 11,000-20,000 pageviews a month.
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I realize that Creative K Kids does not have to use my submission. I understand that the guest post I submit must be an original post (not previously posted anywhere else.) My photos are original or are commercial free and with the correct attribution. If there is any question on whether or not the photos are original, they will not be used. A link may be included to your website along with a short author bio. Creative K Kids may edit the post if they desire. There will be no monetary payment for guest posts.
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