Sex Geek Conservatory Partial and Full Scholarship Application
Thank you for taking the time to answer these application questions. We want to make sure we are as inclusive and fair as we can be as we distribute discount and scholarship tickets. We use an honor system approach for scholarships & discounted tickets, and will only be asking demographic questions. You will not be asked to provide any financial information. We trust you and appreciate you asking for what you need to make things work on your end.

If you can afford to purchase a ticket with a discount, please do so.

We will be reviewing applications for tickets on a weekly basis, more frequently as the event gets closer. If you haven't heard from us after 7 days, you are welcome to reach out to to ask for an update.

VIRTUAL Sex Geek Conservatory is offered Live November 10th- Dec 22nd, 2020, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1-3pm PACIFIC. All classes will be recorded, and recordings will be available in the course portal afterward for all Virtual Conservatory members.

You will receive an email copy of your submission after you hit submit.
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How do you identify? (Please note that Transwomen are women and Transmen are men. We include a Trans button because we want to monitor if we're reaching marginalized communities with our events. You may check more than one box. You do not need to answer.)
How do you identify? (We want to make sure we're reaching marginalized communities.)
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I understand I will be notified if my request for a partial or full scholarship ticket is approved based on availability. The organizers will do their best to accommodate as many people as they can. *
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