Run on OS Login 2021 - follow up comments
We introduced the Run on OS Login feature in Chrome 91.

With the launch of the Run on OS Login feature on Chrome, users can now configure desktop web apps to launch automatically when they log-in to the device on Windows, Mac & Linux devices.

We'd like to ask Developers a few questions about the future of this feature. Your input will help us prioritize next steps!
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As a web developer, how applicable is the 'Run on OS Login' feature for your use cases?
Not all all excited
This is exactly what I needed
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'Run on OS Login' feature can only be enabled by users from the chrome://apps menu and in the future through an App Settings surface. Would it be useful to provide a JavaScript interface (with a user prompt) for this feature?
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If you answered Yes to the question above, what kind of web apps are you developing (e.g. chat, productivity apps, others)?
Open feedback - please let us know what is/isn't working for Run on OS Login, and if there are other related capabilities that you need.
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