NAQT MS State Tournament @ OLHS :: April 8th, 2017
A Saturday middle school tournament in the Tossup/Bonus format using questions written by NAQT (MS-22). This will be held at St. Charles Prep HS in Columbus, Ohio. Start time will be 9am.
ALL teams will have games in the morning session and the afternoon session and are expected to play all scheduled games. Leaving early without good cause will cause your team to be billed for those games denied to expected opponents.
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The entry fee is $60 for each team. Then $50 for each additional
How many working, 8-player-minimum buzzer systems are you bringing? *
Please bring an extension cord with each buzzer. You'll receive a $5 discount for each working system brought, regardless of whether or not it is used.
How many moderators are you bringing? ($10 discount) 1 per team
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If another registered team cannot participate/fails to show up on tournament day, are you willing to divide your players and play an additional team at no charge?
This means that, if you register one team, you will have the chance to enter a second team on the day of the tournament at no additional charge. Teams will be asked to split according to who answered this question "Yes" in the order their registrations were received.
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